ECO˛TERRA’s activities can range from operations in direct environmental disaster prevention and relief to long term integrated programmes and from research-projects and awareness creation campaigns to rehabilitation and development programmes. The realisation process is flexible and varies in its form of implementation according to the local conditions. However, independent from the grade of volunteer or professional work provided by ECO˛TERRA, the local contribution specifically in community based projects is essential and is an important indicator showing the local acceptance and feasibility of the respective projects.

Typical projects in most countries of operation are:

  • ECO˛MISSION to promote long-term activities for the benefit of indigenous peoples and their natural environment and to assist partners in sustainable resource research, management and development.
  • Environmental Emergency Response Centre.
  • Environmental Training, Communication, Co-ordination or Monitoring Centres.
  • Safeguarding or at least shielding of protected and/or vulnerable areas, including their indigenous people and biodiversity and/or endangered species of wild fauna and flora (terrestrial and/or marine) – even in zones of armed conflicts (in situ protection).
  • Rescue of endangered, endemic species of wild fauna and flora from disaster areas
  • Rehabilitation programmes for devastated wildlands
  • Environmental awareness creation, education and workshops
  • Community oriented development, knowledge and technology transfer to ease pressure on the natural environment
  • Environmental studies, Consultancies, impact assessments and counselling
  • Data collection, networking, environmental campaigns and public relations work
  • Environmental technology development, transfer and promotion projects
  • PEP (“Personal Environmental Project”), where ECO˛TERRA enables, helps and supports individual sponsors to carry out their own self- or co-financed projects for the benefit of the natural environment and/or indigenous people.