ECOTERRA Intl. is the Global Society for ECOlogy and sound ECOnomy, an independent, international civil society organisation (CSO), registered as non-governmental organisation (NGO), working as  humanitarian agency (NGHA) as well as in development, if it is respecting traditional values of tribal peoples, their right to self-determination and works for better sustainability.  We are committed to work for our common future, a better today and tomorrow on earth (TERRA).

ECOTERRA’s mandate is to care for the natural environment and to safeguard and improve environmental, nature’s, human and civil rights. We act in the spirit of the consequent realisation of the World Charter for Nature, the Rio Declaration on Environment, the Convention on Biological Diversity as well as other international conventions caring for all life on earth.  

ECOTERRA’s work is performed by an international network of activists, professional volunteers and the qualified staff. Funding and assistance to the various programmes and projects is provided by individual supporters and sponsors as well as qualifying governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental donors, thus assuring independence from the dominance of a single donor, which is essential to maintain the optimal freedom for our unbiased work.

ECOTERRA as charity is politically and religiously independent,
non-sectarian, non-partisan and non-profit oriented, an equal opportunity employer without any ethnic restrictions. 

ECOTERRA assists and engages without preference of race, creed, nationality, religion or gender and tries to employ underprivileged people, wherever possible.

Host communities and the respective governments therefore recognise and respect our independent, humanitarian and impartial activities, respond positively to our security requirements and facilitate unhindered, rapid and equal access to people, lives and areas in need.


The central part of the ECO²TERRA logo __/¯¯ symbolises the long-term development curve, which is followed by every sound and naturally developing system or form of life, wisely adapting to a given environmental capacity, thereby realising the existence of other systems and allowing optimal diversity of other forms, which in turn are safeguarding its own survival base, but limit its growth. This order to sustain, enhance but limit the own existence, guided by instinct, traditional respect or wise insight characterises all intact natural systems and populations and provides the guideline for wise individual development. It leads to the niche and net approach for the daily life of all living populations within the natural systems existing on earth. This is what sustainability is all about. Excessive growth or non-restriction, which is non-adaptive and thereby over-stretching the given capacity, leads to the decline and finally destruction of individual forms of life, populations, diversity, culture and even whole systems. Any such loss creates imbalances. War is peoples unwise answer to readjust systems out of balance. To maintain balanced systems of highest diversity therefore is the key to peace !

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