Which 5 Ratchet Straps Work the Best for Pallets

Pallets may be the simplest warehouse equipment, but they play an integral part in logistic operations. It is quite difficult to manage a supply chain without them. While many warehouse managers may praise their sophisticated sorting and moving equipment, few will remember to mention the humble pallet. Though simple, they may come in various sizes, weights and shapes, and are made of different materials. But these palettes don’t work alone; they need ratchet straps to fasten the items to be transported.

How to Choose the Perfect Ratchet Strap

Strapping is essential during transport and storage as it keeps the product safe and the packages neatly tied up in manageable bundles. When choosing a strapping, here are the most vital considerations:

The product type

Product weight

How much movement is expected

How long the strapping is needed

Top 5 Ratchet Straps For Pallets

Choosing the perfect ratchet straps is not as hard as it may seem. Here is a brief guide to the top 5 ratchet strapping used for pallets.

Steel Ratchet Strapping

These straps come in high tensile or regular duty strengths and perfectly work with pallets that are 4000kg or more. This strapping is mostly used for non-compressible products such as metal or steel. The regular duty steel strapping can be used in low to medium tensile strength applications such as unitizing, package reinforcement, box closure and bundling palletizing. The heavy duty version has high stretch for shock resistance and can be used for trailer loading, unitizing compressed bales of fiber as well as securing heavy steel coils.

Composite Ratchet Strapping

This is a high tensile strapping with UV coated fiber. It is as strong as the steel strapping, and is designed for the safety of the workers while providing maximum load containment strength. This strapping doesn’t leave sharp edges or spring back when cut. It is appropriate for pallet weight of up to 3000 kg, and it is mostly used in manufacturing and logistics, scaffolding and the mining, timber and oil and gas industries.

Polyester Ratchet Strapping

This is the strongest, plastic strapping in the industry. Of all plastic strapping, it has the highest initial tension that can be retained over a long time. It is very easy to recycle and is available in machine grade. It can be used to strap pallet weight of up to 3000kg, and is perfect for moderate settling or non compressible loads.

Polypropylene Ratchet Strapping

This is the most commonly used strapping as it is perfect for a range of applications. It is perfect for moderate loads of up to 2000kgs, and can be used for all package enforcement forms often with cardboard boxes. It is commonly used to palletize corrugated boxes as well as bundling light loads.

Woven and Corded Ratchet Strapping

This strapping is primarily made of rayon and polyester, and is mostly recyclable. They have a high tensile strength and can support pallet loads of up to 3000kgs. Corded polyester strapping has high elongation compared to other types, which makes them perfect for rail and sea shipments. They are light weight and safe to use.

How Ratchet Straps Work

Ratchet straps can be used in a number of differing tie-down applications, the most common being securing pallets on flatbed vans, trucks, and lorries during transit and storage. The strapping usually features hooks and buckles with which to fasten to the truck and pallet.

The Ratchet Strap versus the Cambuckle Strap

There is a difference between ratchet and cambuckle straps. The ratchets tighten more than the buckle as the ratcheting action allows you to crank the webbing around the mandrel. This leverages the force to pull the straps, making the fastening very tight. The ratchets have a high tensile strength and a higher loading limit.

Cambuckle straps are quick and easy to use compared to ratchets. They are made for lighter loads and the tension is easily controlled. With the cam strap, the webbing is threaded through the buckle then made taut by pulling the webbing’s loose end away from the buckle. The gnarled grips on the cam buckle prevent loosening of the strap by friction, especially when the loads are on transit. These straps are perfect for light loads that do not require high tensile strength.

Your choice of ratchet strapping will depend entirely on your needs. Be sure to compare the features of each strap against your needs so as to get the best. If you are still not sure of which strap would best suit your needs, you can always consult professionals to help you out. Keep in mind that your choice of strapping is your best bet for safety of your load.

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