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The Importance of Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable sources of energy are gaining importance with every passing day all over the world. With fossil fuels getting consumed ever so quickly and nuclear energy proving far too detrimental for the environment, the need to not only find but also bring renewable sources of energy into the picture remains necessary. And this means using renewable sources of energy for large scale energy production so that the load on fossil fuel and nuclear energy becomes less. This would make sure that the life of remaining fossil fuels gets increased while the environment won’t get polluted any further.

Solar energy is considered one of the most powerful renewable sources of energy and this is because there is so much potential when you think about the sun’s energy. The only thing about harnessing solar energy is that the systems currently in place are slightly expensive while the production isn’t that high too. However, there are environmental benefits of using the sun’s energy to produce electricity. There is no need to burn anything while there is no emission of any gases either which keeps the environment safe. 

Solar Farms - What are They?

Solar farms are the areas of land where a number of solar panels are connected in open areas. For a solar panel to be able to harness the sun’s energy, it’s important that it is positioned in the right area. If the sun doesn’t come directly above it, the solar panel simply won’t be effective enough. This is why large scale production of electricity through solar energy requires the creation of solar farms. 

Solar farms are created in a large swathe of open land thereby allowing the solar panels to be able to harness the maximum energy of the sun. The thing about solar farms is that they are built over a large expanse of land and this makes a few people angry. While the land acquired for the farms is great, the solar panels themselves don’t take that much space. This means that there is a lot of space available for growing livestock and for managing an actual farm. This means that large farms can actually be converted into solar farms with the livestock being used for farming purposes and the solar panels being used for generating electricity.

Benefits of Solar Farms

There are a number of benefits of solar farms that make them one of the best ways to harness solar energy. These benefits are the reason countries like the UK and the US have been spending heavily on creating solar farms. The benefits include:



What can be more environment-friendly than using nature’s gift of the sun for harnessing energy? It’s not just that the source for energy production is environment-friendly, it’s also important to understand that the process through which sunlight is converted into electricity is also safe for the environment. Solar cells convert solar energy into DC voltage which is then converted into AC voltage. It’s a totally safe and environment-friendly process. 

Space for Farming

The amount of money spent on creating solar farms also creates enough space to allow for farmers to operate a farm too. It’s also possible that an active farm is transformed into a solar farm where there would be space for both electricity generation as well as normal farming activities. In any case, it’s cost-effective to use one space for two activities.

Need for Maintenance of Solar Farms

Maintenance of any energy generation plant is necessary because they are completely liable to wear and tear. With proper maintenance though, the energy generation plants can continue to perform at their maximum. It is actually reported that ill-maintained energy generation plants are not only incapable of maintaining their performance levels, they are also a bigger threat to the environment. 

The same is true for solar farms. When they are well-maintained, they prove a great source of energy generation. However, if they aren’t maintained and regular maintenance checks are not done, their efficiency decreases and their cost per wattage of energy generated increases. Since solar energy is already an expensive form of electricity generation, an increase in the price would make the farm totally inoperable. 

This is why solar is necessary. This can be achieved by enlisting the help of proper electricity firms who know their way around solar farm maintenance. From checking the solar panels to checking the devices which convert DC into AC, a well-renowned energy company should be able to do everything to maintain the solar farms so that they can perform to their utmost. 


Building a Solar Farm

A solar farm is an area of land consisting of a large number of solar panels that are used to generate energy. Building a solar farm is a relatively straightforward process. It requires minimal on-site construction and has no long-term impact on the land. This is why most solar farms are built on leased land because the land can be returned to its original use after the farm has been decommissioned. In order to construct a solar farm, you will first of all need racks to support the solar panels. These racks are piled into the ground making it very easy to form them to be easily removed if the entire scheme is decommissioned in the future. In addition, you will need a few small buildings in which the electrical plant for the farm will be housed. Once the solar panels are properly set-up and the required buildings are built, you will need to secure your farm. This can be done by fencing it off and installing the necessary security cameras, which are normally infrared security cameras.

Benefits of a Solar Farm

A solar farm has a number of benefits. Here are a few.

It provides a reliable source of an abundant form of renewable energy.

The land that is used to construct the farm fosters nature and wildlife as the grass can be used for grazing.

The farm, in general, provide jobs as manpower will be needed to operate and maintain the plant.

The Importance of Maintaining a Solar Farm

Building a solar farm is just the beginning. Once it has been successfully set-up, you have a legal responsibility to make that it is properly operated and maintained to maximize its uptime and to extend the life of the farm. Statistics show that a well-maintained farm can perform ten to thirty percent better than one that is not that well maintained. In addition, certain system components could be voided of their warranty if they are not properly operated and maintained.

There are legal requirements that you are obligated to adhere to due to the fact that a solar farm is a high voltage network. These requirements are defined in The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. If you will be operating and maintain your solar plant with in-house engineers, you need to make sure that they are competent engineers who not only know how to operate the farm but also how to properly maintain it so that it can continue to run smoothly. These engineers should also be aware of the legal regulations to make sure that the operation and maintenance comply with these regulations.

If you do not have the in-house knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to maintain your solar farm, you can opt for outsourcing the maintenance. If you decide to hire a professional company to maintain your solar farm, you should make sure that you sign a maintenance contract in which the terms and agreements are clearly defined. You should make sure that the maintenance contract that you sign has been tailored to meet the specific goals and needs of your solar farm. In any serious maintenance contract, the following services should be included:


Site Visits

Regular site visits should be conducted to inspect the installation and to analyze if it is producing the amount of power that it should be providing.

Electricity Checks

The electrical systems on the farm should be check to make sure that they are also performing properly and if they are not, the necessary corrections should be made.

Other Maintenance Services

In addition to the two main checks discussed before, other services that the maintenance contract should include are:

Checking the switchgear and transformers

Sampling and testing oil

Trip testing all protection systems

Auditing energy production and conducting

Managing the inventory and spare parts

Executing control on environment condition

Coordinating regular service checks and warranty repairs of machine and equipment

Important Cost Consideration Points

A cost data plan should not be produced after the construction of the solar farm but should be thought about at pre-construction and Installation costs issues should be addressed immediately to do a cost update of benefits off grid electricity. Note the deadline is fast approching and Solar acceptance ends December 2019.

Monitoring should be a mandatory part of an operational and maintenance plan of a solar plan. Monitoring makes it possible for faults to be identified proactively so that the necessary precautions can be taken in order to prevent these faults from turning into major problems. In addition, monitoring provides insight into the plan managers and allows them to make intelligent decisions regarding expenditures as they know what to expect.


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