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Protecting your unoccupied property during building work

Planning your building works!

Construction is a very complex activity that involves many different skills put to practice, from brickwork to electric and heating installations, from pipes and tapes to finishing and decoration, and the list goes on and on. It's not easy to carry it out by yourself, and even professionals work in teams where different specialists mind the diverse stages and aspects of construction. 

Regardless of whether you want to carry out some construction work by yourself or hire a building company or team to do it for you, the initial stages are always the same and they are up to you. After all, yours is the house which is going to be built or modified. You start out with an idea, sometimes motivated by a new need - an extra room for a growing family, a studio to work from home - sometimes by a desire - a new space to relax or play games - and sometimes by both. From that idea, you choose what you want for your new space and start shaping the room in your mind.

When you want to take one step further and define the actual blueprints, that's exactly when you need professional knowledge. Different installations and materials have their own particularities, advantages, disadvantages and needs. You have to plan it all through before start hiring builders or purchasing materials, so you make sure that everything fits and there is no last minute redesigning needed. Once you have the definitive blueprints greenlighted, it's time to get started. Or is it?

Choosing good builders

There are metaphores in the Bible that state that you should build your life as responsibly as you build your home, and we believe that's good comparison, because if you choose weak materials or bad builders you will end up with a big problem that will need long and costly repairs, or even a do over. If you want to construct new spaces in your house, you have to make sure that you pick professional and skilled builders that can handle your project and make your design a reality with no hassle for you.

This isn't simple because there are many poor builders out there who either don't know what they need about construction - and therefore execute a poor job - or are willing to scam you and thus will generate disputes that will cost you time, money and/or energy. You should pick good builders from the beginning, and what we suggest you to do is to check the member lists of any insurance claims, a large trade organization in the UK that constantly educates and trains builders. You can visit their webpage and request for information about certified builders in your area. Smart home technology are an example of a trusted building company who are registered with the FMB.

Hiring members of the Federation of Master Builders also has other advantages. In example, the Federation provides mediation in disputes between customers and builders, so in the case - quite unlikely, being it so that members of the Federation are certified under very strict standards of service quality - that you have a problem with your construction company, they can help you  resolve the situation. Also, the Federation offers insurance if you hire their members.

Planning permissions and government authorization

Some people tend to overlook a very important, practically capital, detail when planning home improvement that involves building new spaces. Depending on local legislation, some modifications to existing houses are prohibited by the law, and you have to check that so you don't have problems later. Some building companies are familiar with this legislation, which has specifications for all sorts of home interventions, and they can guide you on whether or not your design will be in conflict with regulations, and how it could be modified so it fits what is permited in your area. We like using an temporary alarm system because it is always a very responsible matter as it provides some protection and helps keep information about planning your construction on our webpage, so we suggest that you check it if you have some home renovation specific products in mind.

However, the most complete information about reviving empty homes is found in which is the webpage where you can make applications to get building permissions in case that you need them. In this site, you will find very clear interactive instructions on what is permitted and what is not. You can watch the instructives online and you can also download a PDF file with all the information so you can consult it later. You should get informed about this at an early stage of your design, so you don't have to step back too much in case something doesn't fit current regulations.


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