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Getting The Childrens Bedroom Right for Summer

With summer right at the corner, the thought of spending lots of time outdoors is more than tempting. Therefore, to bring some of that pomp into the house for relaxing mornings, restful afternoon siestas and indulgent evenings, there are a few things you can do, especially for the kids’ rooms. Here are some tips to getting the kids’ rooms ready for summer.

Light Up the Spaces

One of the things that bring life to a room is bright light; natural in the day and artificial in the night. In order to get the lighting right, replace the dark drapes with light sheers and shutters. You can also use mirrors to reflect and amplify light, especially as décor items on walls or on furniture such as dressers.

Use Playful Colors

You can bring in the brightness of the summer by lighting up the room with playful colors. You can throw in a colorful throw pillow, summery accent and colorful bedspread, paint the doors or walls or even add a cute chair or dresser. If you decide to add a pop of color to the rooms, choose from The 12 Best Paint Colors for a Kids.

When redecorating the rooms, it is also advisable to ditch the heavy carpeting and replace with light colorful rugs that accentuate the room. Get these soft furnishings in complementary colors to create a harmonious appearance. You can add a few colorful decorating pieces on the shelves or choose from the range of Children for that final finish.

De-clutter the Rooms

Nothing is more mentally exhausting than a disorganized room. Over the cold months, you might have collected a few items that have built up to visually weigh down the room, which can cause unnecessary stress. Clear your schedule to ditch out the clutter, outdated papers, rugs, dark drapes, books and all items that darken the room. The idea is to keep the bedrooms bright and spacious.

To increase the available space, you can choose from a wide choice of children's bunk beds from big companies like Bed Kingdom or try single beds for guest rooms. If you do not have built in bunk beds, you can have them made purposely for the kids’ room. The custom made option is even better as the style, colour and size will better fit the room. You can also creatively use the spaces under and besides the bunk bed for storage, thereby reducing visual clutter.

Keep It Light

The summer signals a time for light stuff; from beddings, linens, blankets, duvets, drapes, you name it. It is time to store these heavy items away and replace them with lighter, colourful options. Replace dull lamp shades with brightly coloured ones. Replace dark heavy drapes with light sheers and the warm beddings with airy linens.

The Breezy Spaces

Rooms can be pretty hot in the summer, and a breezy ceiling fan can make all the difference. You can set the fan to run counterclockwise to create a wind-chill effect from the downdraft, which evens out the room temperature. This makes the room pleasantly warm. Couple this ceiling fan with lots of wide spaces and open windows and you have a room where kids actually want to be.

The Crafty Personal Spaces

Contrary to popular opinion, kids also require their personal play space. It is for this reason that the room should be appropriately decorated and arranged to give each child their own personal space despite sharing the room with a sibling. This not only improves the sense of responsibility and ownership over personal items, it also keeps indoor play as thrilling as outdoor play.

Sleep Time

Summer comes with long, tiring, play and fun filled days. In the evenings, the kids are exhausted and require adequate rest and sleep for another fun-filled following day. It is therefore essential to rid the room of anything that can disturb the kids’ sleep. Some of these sleep disrupters include noise and light.

It is therefore important to keep the light out in the night by using blackout shades or shutters for that peaceful rest. These black out options reduce the possibility of scary shadows created by movements outside the house such as those of swaying branches. It is also important that the room is quiet, or there’s soft, soothing music playing to get the kids to sleep. 

Parting Shot

There are numerous DIY project resources that can guide you to give your kids’ rooms the perfect summer makeover. The DIY projects are not only cheaper and get your creative juices flowing, you also get to bond with the children as they can help out in choosing accessories, colours etc. Alternatively, if you want major changes such as built in bunk beds and do not know how to efficiently go about it, you can always hire the services of a professional home improvement expert. You can all work together to get the rooms in perfect summer style.

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