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Comparing Solar Systems at small and large scale

Solar electricity is the main source of energy for many peoples daily activities. While other people use systems that do not operate with solar electricity at all, in fact, most of us use something other than solar. Perhaps the most common example is our vehicles, the vast majority of which is powered by fossil fuel like petrol or LPG. The new electric cars and bicycles are coming commonplace, and thier performance is getting better all the time. However, in the future solar electricity will be the source of energy for all our tasks, and the lack of fossil fuel power will be terrible for daily affairs.

From lightbulbs to refrigeration processes, from computers and electronic devices to home appliances, from huge factories and Internet servers to our hair trimmers. We will be using solar electricity all the time, and for this very reason, we should make sure that the solar electrical systems work properly. This doesn't only mean to make sure they perform as they should, but also to ensure that we will still have energy sources for generating electricity for years and years to come. The general concern about green energy answers to the increasing problem of nonrenewable energy sources and our whole economical and technological structure heavily relying on them. 

We need to produce all the energy we consume, or else we won't be able to power and maintain our daily activities, and the infrastructure that supports them. In some cases, solar electricity can be generated on a small scale. Petrol powered engines can produce enough energy to keep a small shop or room running, and solar panels installed on your roof might cover for all, or almost all, your domestic energy needs. However, when it comes to large scale energy consumption, we need to build and maintain bigger solar energy farms with enough power to supply electricity to whole towns, cities or factory lots.

Is your solar electrical system underperforming?

All the systems we run should work well. Especially those that fulfill a fundamental purpose, and solar electricity is undoubtedly a cornerstone of our activities. Without enough electrical power, our offices, factories, and homes wouldn't cover our needs and requisites. We need to make sure that the integrity and performance of our electricity sources are intact. 

Every solar electric farm must undergo a periodic process of general evaluation and maintenance. In some cases, underperformance goes unnoticed or gets underestimated. There are many technical problems that might cause a power plant to underperform. This will go in detriment of all systems powered by this plant, and will also mean loss of money for all parts involved in the circuit. Maintenance is a well worth investment. As a matter of fact, performance isn't even the only reason why it should never be overlooked.

Systems that don't work properly can be dangerous for workers as well as people surrounding them. From small electricity sparks that can hurt a person to danger of a big accident like an explosion or a fire, the price of lack of maintenance and testing can be very high. Even at your own home, problems in your circuits or installations can cost you extra on your bills and even put you and your family in danger.

Solar Farm Electrical Testing

How do you know your electrical system is underperforming, or that there is even a security issue with it? Some signs might be quite obvious on their own, like low tension or short circuits. However, some other problems can go unnoticed until it's too late. And as we have described, the cost of underperforming electric systems can be very high, going beyond the mere loss of money or the decrease in the performance of machinery. 

Many issues can be early detected and solved with proper training, knowledge, and tools. Hiring an expert electrician is the only way to get the job done, and properly. They will have all the instruments and devices needed to properly test and evaluate an electric system and detect all possible signs of failure or problems that might affect the overall function of the circuits. So find an enginner in the area where you live and hire the best service to test your electrical systems.

Many experts in this field will also be able to provide testing solutions to other sorts of circuits like informatics, fiber optics and communication networks. It is advisable that you find an expert that covers all these areas so you can request multiple services. Hire a skilled electrician today and start running an exhaustive test in all your electric and communication systems.

Sustainable or renewable energy is energy generated from any of the Earth's natural resources. For solar energy, the sun provides the natural resource which is then converted by the solar panels. The energy provided by wind turbines obviously uses the natural resource of the wind which is then turned into power.

Sustainable energy is becoming increasingly important as the World has evolved in such an unsustainable way. Everyday luxuries we take completely for granted are having a damaging, irreversible effect on the environment and quite simply, it can’t continue. You only have to think about all the cars and planes in the sky every single day to imagine the type of long term impact that’s having on the environment and that’s just two forms of transport.

If we start to move towards energy sources that offer no environmental cost to the Earth, then we’re leaving a much better situation for our future generations. More and more people are already starting to show interest in the environment and changing their habits as they become more educated and environmentally conscious. Gone are the days when caring about the environment would see you pigeon-holed as a tree hugger, it’s becoming a responsibility for all and rightly so.

Indeed, there’s a long way to go. There are still a lot of people that dismiss the idea of solar energy because panels take up too much space, or they don’t look aesthetically pleasing on the rooftop, or they don’t offer enough energy to make it worthwhile, but these problems are being slowly overcome and they need to be. MPs are warning that urgent, immediate action is needed if the UK is to hit its renewable energy targets for heating and transport. Many optimists feel that if we can hit that 15% target then we’ll have created something that can be scaled; so hitting a 50% target should be much easier. Let’s hope they’re right.

Switching to solar panels and electric cars would be a big undertaking for most though. There’s a lot of planning involved and obviously an upfront cost (which might be subsidized) and naturally, this means not everyone will entertain the idea. However, there are other things that can be done to help the environment and support organizations that are making an effort to offer sustainability. 

Energy efficiency is one of the hottest topics in today’s world. Apart from the low costs associated with solar energy, there are environmental benefits as well. For starters, efficiency in energy consumption reduces gasoline sulfur emissions, which are harmful when in the atmosphere. Closer home, energy efficiency can be achieved in a variety of ways. There are several simple hacks you can employ at home to get your energy costs really low. Here are some ideas.

Achieve Energy Efficiency: Break Common Barriers

There are a few things you can do to reduce electrical costs in your home. 

The Basics
  You can start with some energy-saving measures that do not require capital expenditure such as setting controls and turning off lights when not in use, and using energy-efficient appliances, equipment, and machinery.
Behavioral Changes
  A good starting point for saving some money is reducing energy consumption. Try to encourage good practices that reduce unnecessary consumption of energy. This is possible through first identifying the hotspots of energy consumption or misuse and figuring out a way of reducing consumption while still being productive.
Accredited Suppliers
  If you do find that some of the appliances and machines that consume a lot of energy are absolutely essential, you can think of upgrading or replacing them with energy-efficient options. For starters, you can think of installing a parallel system to help power the machines and appliances. The initial cost may not be very low, but you will never get a power bill once you switch to solar. However, look for accredited, reputable service providers to make the switch for you.
Periodic Power Projects Evaluation
  It is advisable to keep tabs on the energy efficiency projects being undertaken. It is important to check at every stage of completion so as to prepare for future reference.

Low-Cost Ways of Saving Energy

Alternative energy sources such as installing solar panels, usually come with an implied initial high value, which makes people hesitate. Coupled with the allegations that some expensive energy anyway, it is even harder to make the switch to better options. However, here are some simple ways to save energy that will not require you to break a bank. 

  One of the basic was of improving energy efficiency is preventing occasions of energy loss in addition to finding cheaper sources of energy. 
Pipe Work
  Exposed hot water pipes, cylinders, and boilers tend to lose energy pretty fast, thereby increasing the need to keep reheating the water. To prevent heat loss, you can have the pipework insulated with foam to keep the water hot for longer. The only thing you need to do is buy insulation tubes that fit your pipes. Insulation is cheap and you’ll notice the return on that investment almost immediately.
Windows and Doors
  Single glazing is problematic on many fronts, and one of them is losing energy. You can replace them with double or triple glazed windows for better security and heat and sound insulation. Alternatively, you can go to the insulation film. It is a thin, transparent, plastic film that is stuck on the outer side of the pane with double-sided tape. 
Reflective Radiator Panels
  Radiators lose heat through the panels. Reflective panels help to reflect the heat so that it gets back into the room and the warming process takes shorter and consumes less energy. These panels are especially useful with radiators that are on the external walls.
Draught Proofing
  While ventilation is critical in a home, the gaps that cause unwanted draughts are not very appealing. These hot spots (or should we say cool spots?) are all over; the loft hatches, the windows, etc. the first priority should be the doors because they have numerous spots of heat loss such as underneath the doors, glass panes, keyholes, etc. If accompanied by wooden floorboards, it is especially draughty, with up to 15% heat loss. The one simple solution to this is filling the gaps through which the heat escapes. 

You can get draught-proofing materials that will fit your specific requirements. It is advisable to get high-quality materials such as rubber and plastic strips as they last longer and are better at proofing. It is also important to upgrade single glazed windows as it is also one of the common avenues of heat loss.


Before you go all out judging the energy efficiency of your projects, it is important to know how to measure the savings from various projects. This helps in knowing which works better, and how much energy costs have been saved. 

Who are our electrical engineers?

Our electrical engineering have a very important discipline and tackle the crucial task of transmission of electrical power and the machines that are used for producing it. Electrical engineers are required for the maintenance of these machines and to make sure that the transmission of power continues without interruption so that any task at hand can be completed without any interruption. The job of an electrical engineer is thus a tough one as he is responsible for ensuring a non-stop supply of electricity to an area and his failure to do his job can result in power outages in that area. This is the reason why electrical engineers have to remain alert all the time and know about the power plant that they are made in charge of. An electrical engineer is well-versed in the fields of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism and is capable of designing solutions for any type of electrical problems that may arise during the production and transmission of electrical power.   

What can our Electrical Engineers Offer You?

Electrical engineers are professionals and have a number of things to offer. Since they know a great deal about electricity and electronics they can offer advice on how to use the different electrical and electronic equipment for prolonging their life. Moreover, their knowledge of electrical power and the 1 that they can provide can also prove to be beneficial for you in knowing how to save electricity and what is the best way of cutting down your energy bills. Electrical engineers can also offer tips on how to save your electrical and electronic appliances in case of short-circuits and power fluctuations. As they are familiar with these electrical issues, they are the best people to seek advice from regarding these problems. They will not only be able to provide you with useful tips and guidance but will also be able to provide you with valuable advice on how to prolong the lifespan of your electronics.

Besides providing information and advice on how best to use electrical items, electrical engineers can also provide insights on how electrical power is produced and what is the most economical and environmentally friendly way of producing it. You can learn about clean electricity from an electrical engineer and can also find out how you can start producing electricity for your house using solar or wind energy.

Things You Can Learn from our Electrical Engineers

The following are some of the things that you can learn from an electrical engineer:

How to Save Electricity


Electrical engineers know the importance of saving electricity and can guide you on how to go about doing this task by telling you the right temperature at which you should use your air conditioner or heater to preserve energy. Saving electricity in this day and age might seem trivial as many people tend to take electricity for granted because it is so easily accessible these days; however, it is important that we save electricity.

How to Produce Clean Energy


An electrical engineer knows all about the methods of producing electricity and can tell you how you can start making clean electricity on your own by using solar panels or wind turbines. Clean energy is beneficial for the environment and it therefore always a better option. 

Useful Information about Solar Electricity


Electrical engineers have a lot of knowledge to offer. You can get an idea about how many of your electrical appliances work by having a discussion with an electrical engineer.  It is therefore always handy to have a good electrical engineer around from whom you can learn and develop your own knowledge of electricity.

How to Get in touch with our Electrical Engineer

Getting tips from an electrical engineer on how to enhance the efficiency of your electrical appliances and how to cut down on your energy bills can prove to be of great benefit to you. Since electrical engineers have a great deal of electrical knowledge, they can provide useful tips to you regarding this subject. All you have to do to coax an electrical engineer into giving tips is to strike up a conversation with him and talk about his work. He is going to start sharing his knowledge about electricity with you as soon as he finds that you are interested in this subject. When speaking to an electrical engineer, be as specific as possible as this is the best way to get specific information from him. Show interest in him and what he does and you will definitely get useful tips from him.



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